Residential Sales and Service: (802)540-0007
Commercial Sales and Service: (802)540-0009

BT is Now Offering PC Repair for Existing Residential Customers and Small Business



Hardware Repair: Motherboards, Processors, Memory

Laptop Repair: Harddrives, Memory, Screens

Software Support: Backups, Installations, Upgrades and Virus Removal

$25 Diagnostic fee,

$45/hour labor (+materials).

Do the repair with us and we’ll credit the diagnostic fee back to you.

Check out our flier here

Contact: (802)540-0000 or email and set up an appointment today. 

Disclaimer: Current Residential & Small Business Customers only. All terms subject to change. The repair department will be able to declare on a case by case basis if hardware can be replaced. Support cannot be for any versions of windows older than XP Service Pack 2. Apple OS will be supported in a very limited fashion, basic troubleshooting only. In the case of system upgrade, the option will be given to customers to upgrade to a newer version (Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion). The repair department will have discretion over virus removal and whether a system is too infected to be repaired without significant data loss. In these cases, the option will be presented to the customer to do a full system wipe and re-install. if they do not want to pursue this option, no repair work will be done.